It is time to take care about Yourself and Your family! Life begins with natural products!

Pomegranate juice, fruit and berry jams, compotes - try a touch of Nature!

Pomegranate juice "Jal∂" premium quality organic freshly squeezed (direct) juice. Product of Azerbaijan, where pomegranate had born. Delicious taste like morning dew on the flower, refreshing like the sea breeze in a hot day, clear ruby red colour like extraordinary gemstone, sweet like sweetest childhood's memories... You will ask, why "Jal∂"? Because we had need to find the best pomegranate juice and we know, how it's hard to find really good one, we use "Jal∂" every day, and now we want to share it with You! Please, enjoy! 

Also You will ask why should I buy pomegranate juice? Pomegranates is known also like king of the fruit! Reason is, pomegranate juice slows down the process of ageing, because of its antioxidants, it is the most strong antioxidant compared with other juices, even stronger than red wine and green tea. It is good as for women, so men health. Pomegranate juice is known as Nature's viagra and it is powerful libido enhancer, it helps to prevent and treat prostate cancer. Pomegranate juice increases women fertility, so if there are problems with pregnancy or trying for a baby, You should take daily pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice is historically revered as a natural aphrodisiac, it supposedly increases desire and normalizes hormonal imbalance, which causes acne, skin ageing, breast, prostata cancer, cellulitis. Pomegranate juice is good in stressful and hard situation for pupils, students and anybody, who wants to achieve the best results in studies, work and career, it improves mental ability. If you find a juice drink boring, then we invite you to visit us in recipes, where you can vary this process.

Preserves "Boģdan" are natural and no added preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavors, no pectin as gelling agent, NO GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Premium quality. Rich in vitamins and minerals, full of natural aroma, thick preserve with whole fruits and berries. Factory's the highest level technology of producing helps to keep bioactive substances, natural color, taste and aroma of fruits and berries. Produced by tradicional recipes like did grandmother: fruits+sugar. And remember sweet fruity odor, when grandmother did a preserve, it was made wih love like "Boģdan". Only selected berries are taken to produce high quality preserves "Boģdan". Try a piece of bliss! "Boģdan" preserve line includes interesting and new tastes, such as blackthorn preserve, blackberry preserve, cornel preserve, peach preserve, plum preserve, white cherry preserve. Discover the new taste!

Compotes "Boģdan" are natural and premium quality. Compote is a healthy, light, refreshing drink maded from fresh fruits or berries, boiled in water with sugar and left to cool and infuse. The short technological process of compote production helps to keep bioactive substances, natural color, taste and aroma of berries and fruits of which compote is made. In producing process are used only 100% natural ingredients - fresh fruits, sugar and water. Natural compotes "Boģdan" contains NO any artificial additives, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO GMOs. The compote contains pieces of fruits and berries. "Boģdan" compote's line includes blackthorn compote, quince compote, cherry plum compote, white cherry compote, peach compote, hawthorn&feijoa compote, golden plum compote, feijoa compote, plum compote. Compotes "Boģdan" are preferred drinks, they have no colorings or preservatives, they are rich in carotenoids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fibrs and other necessary nutrients. Compote thirsts quencher much more than all kinds of soft drinks. Sportsmen will appreciate the restorative properties of fruit compotes, compotes is ideal for sports, fast refreshes, will restore the strength.

What does mean BIO products?
BIO (organic) juice is expensive, not bad to know what for You spend Your money. At the end of the last century in the United States formulated the basic principles on which the food has received the status "bio" or "organic." It means no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and genetic modification of seeds and other raw materials. Since pests are fighting exclusively with birds, other insects and traps, and weed the weeds by hand. It means our products are under a strict control. is Azerbaijan factory's official distributor, we haven't intermediaries, so our clients don't overpay and we guarantee, that our products are quality and safe, with necessary sertificates. Our mission is to deliver to our clients premium quality products for a reasonable price. "Jale", "Boģdan" products are created with only the highest quality fruits and the most advanced technology. Our products are equated homemade products. Please, learn more about us.



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