Pomegranate juice "Jal∂" premium quality organic freshly squeezed (direct) juice. Product of Azerbaijan, where product's quality is on the first place. Delicious taste like morning dew on the flower, refreshing like sea breeze in hot day, clear ruby red colour like extraordinary gemstone, sweet like sweetest childhood's memories... You will ask, why "Jal∂"? Because we had need to find the best pomegranate juice and we know, how it's hard to find really good one, we use "Jal∂" every day, and now we want to share it with You! Please, enjoy! Recipes

Jams "Boģdan" are natural and no added preservatives. Produced by tradicional recipes like did grandmother: fruits+sugar. And remember sweet fruity odor, when grandmother did jam, it was made wih love like "Boģdan". Only selected berries are taken to produce high quality jams "Boģdan". Try a piece of bliss! "Boģdan" jam's line includes interesting and new tastes, such as blackthorn jam, blackberry jam, cornel jam, peach jam, plum jam, quince jam, white cherry jam. Discover the new taste!

Compotes "Boģdan" are natural and premium quality. In producing process are used only fresh fruits, sugar and water, no added preservatives or flavorings. Compote contains pieces of fruits and berries. "Boģdan" compote's line includes blackthorn compote, quince compote, cherry plum compote, white cherry compote, peach compote, hawthorn&feijoa compote, golden plum compote, feijoa compote, plum compote. Better use compotes instead lemonades, especially for children. There are vitamins, minerals and good mood in addition!

LoveBioJuice.com is Azerbaijan factory's official distributor, we haven't intermediaries, so our clients don't overpay and we guarantee, that our products are quality and safe, with necessary sertificates. Our mission is to deliver to our clients premium quality products for a reasonable price.



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