The Quick and Easy Pomegranate Juice Spritzer



Pomegranate Juice Spritzer18 ounces of organic freshly squeezed pomegranate juice "Jale"

14 ounces of sparkling mineral water (we prefer Gerolsteiner or San Pellegrino... yum!)

A small package of blueberries (you can substitute any small berry)


1) Chill the pomegranate juice and sparkling mineral water for at least two hours in your refrigerator.

2) Right before serving, pour the pomegranate juice and sparkling mineral water together into a pitcher.

3) Stir gently to combine the juice and water.

4) Pour into four wine or champagne glasses.

5) Add three of the blueberries to each glass and serve.


This is the quick and easy two minute recipe. The blueberries make a nice accent in the bottom of the glasses and impart a hint of sweetness to the spritzer. Makes four 8 ounce servings.

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