You should register your personal details when you make your first purchase on the online shopping basket. This valuable information enables us to offer an excellent delivery service.

In addition, the information enables us to calculate transport costs, taxes and VAT according to destination. Your personal details are strictly confidential and allow you to track at any time the status of your orders and progress of deliveries.

When you next visit the site, your password is sufficient to identify you at the shopping site and enables you to take advantage of what it can offer.

Terms of Sale

General Terms of Sale determine the relationship between Love Bio Juice and his customers.

Any order addressed to Love Bio Juice implies agreement of these conditions.

The presented general terms of sale aim to regulate the contractual relationships between Love Bio Juice and the customer. Customer and Love Bio Juice shall adhere to these terms unconditionally. These General Terms of Sales prevail over all other terms mentioned in whatever document, unless otherwise previously stated, explicitly and in writing.

All the items presented in this shopping gallery, benefit from our long distance purchasing service.

Defective items: If you report a fault in a product, we will exchange it for you immediately

This contract guarantee is reserved for products which have been subject to normal use and is in addition to the legal guarantee applying to possible hidden defects of the product sold (Article 1641 of the Civil Code).Should this occur, the client is reminded that he must act "promptly" as soon as the hidden defect is discovered (article 1648 Civil Code) and produce evidence of such a fault.

The costs of re-forwarding are payable by the customer unless the fault is ours. For any heavy items or where the value is more than €152, we would request you to make prior contact with our customer service department.

Terms and Costs of Transport

Transport costs are calculated according to the weight and destination of the order (See Table)

The carriers used are : Post.

Import taxes and miscellaneous expenses, in countries outside the EU are payable by the consignee. Goods travel carriage paid.


Delivery shall be carried out by the Post or by a carrier

This will only take place once the order has been validated and the payment made. The bank payment centres concerned shall therefore have previously agreed to payment

In the event that the said centres refuse payment, the order shall be automatically cancelled. Furthermore, Francois Doucet Confiseur reserves the right to refuse any customer order where there is a current dispute at law.

Delivery will be carried out at the address shown by the client, who undertakes to receive the goods ordered. If you, the customer, is absent when delivery is made, a delivery note will advise you where to pick up your parcel or will offer you a second appointment with the delivery man.

When you receive your parcel, do not forget to check immediately and in front of the delivery man both packaging and contents. In the event that the item presented is faulty or there is an item missing, contact us and set out immediately your complaints on the consignment note which must be signed. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone, specifying your order number.

If you notice a problem after the delivery man has left, contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will advise you how to exchange get a refund on your goods.


Allow a maximum of 10 days for a normal delivery of the goods. The delivery date is shown, subject to the accuracy of the information given by the customer. The delivery shall be carried out by the Post or by a carrier according to the customer's preference when ordering.

Transport Costs

The cost of delivery is calculated according to the weight and size of the parcel and its destination. Love Bio Juice uses a software package to calculate transport costs from the information entered into the system (weight and size of the order) and the information provided by the customer (delivery address, delivery method, and whether delivery is express or normal) This software package shows the customer the total amount of the transport costs before final confirmation of the order It allows for cost simulation and leaves the customer, at all times, free to decide.

How to order

If the customer wants to place an order, he must first of all identify himself. In order to do this, he must fill out the form on line, as directed by the information given to him. The form provided will request the necessary identification information and above all his name, first name, postal address and delivery address.

When the customer has chosen the goods shown, he confirms the order, displayed on the screen, by clicking to show his commitment and acceptance of the "General Terms of Sale"

The order is immediately recorded and cannot be changed. The Customer is given an order number.

Your basket will allow you to prepare your order with ease: to add or withdraw goods, alter quantities, just as you want. When you have finished your purchases, click on the order button now to complete your order.

Customer service

You have a choice of several ways of contacting Love Bio Juice    

  • email:
  • Telephone: +346 755 69354
  • Post: C.C. Centro Plaza 1a, Planta No12, 29660 Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Spain


Prices are billed in Euros on the basis of rates in force at the time of the order, subject to possible data error or changes in VAT rates in the limits of the available stocks.

Electronic Data Processing and Freedom of Information
equivalent of Data Protection Act

In compliance with the (equivalent of Data Protection Act) of 6 January 1978 you have a right to access and correct all personal information concerning you. Love Bio Juice will not communicate in any way your personal details to other companies.

Legal proceedings

In the event of legal proceeding relating to the interpretation or implementation of the contract, only the Court in Stockholm shall be competent whatever the place of delivery and the method of payment.

Reservation of title clause

Love Bio Juice retain the ownership of the goods sold until actual and complete payment of their cost. The transfer of ownership of the products to the customer takes place at the time the whole price is paid. However, the customer becomes responsible for the products when they are delivered, the transfer of possession involves transfer of risks.

Right of retractation

You have a 7 clear days deadline as from the date of reception of your goods to turn over products which would not be appropriate to you. The products will be refunded to you at their purchase price. Very produced open, incomplete or damaged will not be refunded.

The cost of return will be with your load.

Error of posting in the selling price

Any order is invoiced at the announced price. If it proves that the price posted on the shop is erroneous, it will be modified by our care. Any consumer having overpaid an order will then be refunded difference.

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