White cherry compote
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White cherry compote

White cherry compote "Boģdan" is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains NO any artificial additives, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors and NO GMOs. Premium quality. Ingredients: white cherry, sugar, citric acid, water. Delightful, selected taste like sweet white cherries nectar with whole mouthwatering fruits. At the same time it is not cloyingly sweet. Cherries are rich in beta carotene (19 times more than blueberries or strawberries) vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate. Our factory's the highest level technology allows to produce preserves, retaining all nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antooxidants) in a preserve.

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The health benefit of cherries is also in containing anthocyanins. Anthocyanins  protect the cells of the body from the damaging, aging and disease producing affects of oxygen, nitrogen and UV radiation; help reduce oxidative stress, which is a major cause of autoimmune diseases. Anthocyanins are also natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, help ease the pain of arthritis and gout, as well as reducing the risk of contracting a number of serious diseases including diabetes and cancer. Constant artificial lighting in most homes and work places reduces the amount of melatonin that the body produces. 

You can replenish your reserves with anthocyanins and beta carotene, to use daily in your diet our natural white cherry compote "Boģdan" or natural white cherry "Boģdan" jam. As you understand, white cherry compote is very tasty and also very healthy. Please, enjoy!

Nutritional value: carbohydrates 17g; Vitamin PP 0,3mg; Vitamin C 3,0mg. Energy value 65kcal. With pasteurization our White cherry compote "Boģdan" has an 24-month shelf life without refregirator. Packed in eco-packing - glass bottles (1 liter). Keep an open bottle in refrigerator, best used within 3 days.



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