Peach compote
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Peach compote

Peach compote "Boģdan" is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains NO any artificial additives, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors and NO GMOs. Premium quality. Ingredients: peach, sugar, citric acid, water. The aroma of peaches is sweet, floral, but at the same time, not cloying. Extremely pleasant scent and dulcet flesh of peaches caused by healthy esters and acids. Peach compote with whole pieces of peaches. Peach compotes are known in Eastern cultures to be a kidney cleanser and uses in detoxification. Iron and potassium content in peaches helps ensure cell function, balance of fluid and electrolytes and nerve signaling.

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Peach compote has many health benefits. A peach compote is extremely rich in vitamin A and potassium, apart from abounding in a number of other nutrients, making them rank very high in nutritional value and good for the health of an individual. Being rich in Vitamin A, peaches might help prevent cancer in organs and glands with epithelial tissue. Researches have suggested that peaches have good to excellent antioxidant activity, some antimicrobial activity and good to excellent tumor growth inhibition activity. Peaches help make the skin healthy and also add color to the complexion.

Nutritional value: carbohydrates 14g; Vitamin PP 0,6mg; Vitamin C 4,0mg. Energy value 53kcal. With pasteurization our Peach compote "Boģdan" has an 24-month shelf life without refregirator. Packed in eco-packing - glass bottles (1 liter). Keep an open bottle in refrigerator, best used within 3 days.



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