Rye bread chips
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Rye bread chips

 Rye bread chips contain only natural ingredients: rye flour, small amount of wheat flour for softer flavor, water, salt, yeast (sourdough, not baker's yeast), sunflower oil.

Great alternative to potato chips. Rye bread has low glycemic index, which means it causes a slower increase in blood sugar after being eaten. That is why rye bread chips are healthy snack.

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Rye bread chips are light, dry piece of twice-baked rye bread. Chips are dark in colour, higher in fibre than white bread and stronger in flavor. Maded from special sourdough rye bread in own bakeries, sliced into small pieces and cooked in small batches using only 100% sunflower oil. Oil is not reused in following batches.

Homemade authentic russian traditional recipe. 

Store at temperature not higher +24 C and relative humidity bellow 75%. 100g product contains: carbohydrates 64g; fat 14.5 g; protein 10g; energy value 426.5 kcal. Packed in a environmentally friendly individual vacuum plastic bag. Net weight 145g. Expiry date 180 days. 



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